Editorial at Waylines

As fall creeps toward us on cautious feet, and the last few storms and weeks of fetid, humid heat smash against us here in Japan, we take a deep breath, turn the fan up a little bit more and take another journey across the Waylines! So let us introduce you to Issue 5's fiction:

Samantha Kymmell-Harvey takes us into the heart of music, monsters and love in "Cadence," a story that asks us just who the monsters really are.


David Halpert's “Elevator Man” examines the nature of sentience and the blindness of humanity to it's own past.

For our films this issue:

Christopher Frey has created a hypnotic (and unique) end of the world scenario, “Explosions.”

Contre Temps,” is the lovely animated adventure by Team Contre Temps of an underwater world and the race against time by two of its inhabitants.

And last, but not least...

Trevin Matcek has brought a human touch to a modern take of life everlasting in “Life Begins at Rewirement.”

For our interviews this issue, Alisa sat down with Ken Liu for the Writers Room. And for our featured author interview, we chatted with the influential David Steffen of the (submissions) Grinder. And as always, we have our interviews with this issues writers/film makers.

We are also back open to submissions. So those of you with a story of your own, please send it our way and it just might make it in to the next issue.

As for Issue 6, it will be available November 1st 2013, and will contain new fiction, new short films, our Writer's Room guest, and we will open up polls for our first annual Reader's Choice Awards. For now, enjoy Issue 5!

D & D

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