Darryl is a writer/filmmaker with seven films under his belt, including 152, The Laborer, In Absentia, and Life Lessons to Learn from a Kappa. His films & scripts have appeared in over 30 film festivals around the world including, Dragoncon, LA Comedy Fest, Shriekfest, the Beverly Hills Film Festival & the Temecula Film Festival; and in 2007 he was the producer/co-founder of the Kansai International Film Festival in Osaka, Japan. In recent years, he has shifted over to writing (working on his first book), co-founding/editing Waylines Magazine along with David, and illustration. While he placed 1st and 2nd in a few cover contests for Odyssey Magazine as a youth, it wasn't until starting on Waylines that he decided to truly give illustration a shot. To learn more about what he is currently working on check his blog: Unknown Realms.